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With 40 years experience in mold production and mold elements production, our company as Piramid Metal Mold Elements, was established with the aim of serving the mold manufacturing and machinery sector and focused on customer needs, is a dynamic company devoted to be the first name that comes to mind about grinded die plates.

Surface cleaning of mold plates, which are difficult to manufacture, is made according to the desired size and quantity of the desired material and is prepared with the utmost importance for our customers who want to save time in production.

Our company is one of the basic needs of the mold and machine industry, standard and special size plate manufacturing.

Our company has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle in the stocks of world standard mold plates, mold pusher plates and mold support plates.

Piramid Metal

Many products that come into our lives are produced by mass production (mold). As production accelerates, standardization of mold elements including plates has been adopted to meet this need.

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